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Extra Handle Add On

Extra Handle Add On

Add on an extra biothane handle to your leash, long line or handsfree leash.

Available for 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" leashes


How to order:

1. Please let us know where you would like your handle placed on your leash eg. base of leash, 20cm from base, 50cm from base etc 

We measure from the base of the leash, excluding the leash clasp.

Please include units of measurement (Inches/CM)


If you would like more than 1 handle added, please add more handles to cart ($3 per handle added), and specify where each handle is placed.

Multiple handles are popular for long lines or longer leashes.


2. Select the colour you would like your handle to be


3. If you are ordering more than one leash, please let us know which leash you would like the handles added to


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