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5/8" Quick Release Biothane Collar

5/8" Quick Release Biothane Collar

100% waterproof quick release collar made from BioThane USA Coated Webbing

This collar has a 5/8" width (1.58cm).


This quick release collar is made from plastic hardware, making it rust proof when your pup is wearing it in the water. D ring is made from marine grade (316) stainless steel. Rivets are made from stainless steel or black hardware. 


We have 2 rivet options.
Please note - stainless steel is the only hardware option that will not scratch or rust overtime.

 1. Stainless steel. This material is completely rust, scratch and weather proof, made out of 100% stainless steel, perfect for everyday use. 

2. Black. Our Black hardware is made with steel and zinc die casting, with a matte black finish. It offers high ductility, high impact strength and good corrosion resistant properties. 



Bowie is quite a feral boy! All within a day he has gone from playing in the creek, to the sand, to the mud and the bush. His collars constantly needed washing and cleaning. But we came up with an idea! We proudly present our biothane range, which is build to last! These collars are waterproof, rust proof, and break proof. When making these collars, we put a lot of thought into the design and making a quality product that will last. 


Our biothane collars are ideal for taking your pup to the beach, hiking, in creeks and on walkies during a rainy day. 


We hope you love our collars as much as we do.



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  • Colour Options

    If you would like your collar in a colour that is not listed, please send us a message to see if we can order it in for you.

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