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Service Dog On Board Car Decal

Service Dog On Board Car Decal

Service Dog/Assistance Dog On Board Sticker Decal.

Custom made by me!


Apply these transfer stickers onto glass or the wall and simply peel away the application tape to reveal the awesomeness.


These decals are great to put on the back of the car in the event of an accident. It alerts medical responders that your dog is a service dog and is to be transported with you. These signs are also useful to alert others of cautious driving as you have a dog in the car and you may need more space.


Sticker Dimensions: 20 x 20cm



A white sticker detail that says "Service Dog" in capital letters. Below is an image of a dog. The dog is in a standing position facing to the left. Their front right paw is lifted and bent. The dog has pricked ears and a pricked tail. The dog is also wearing a vest on its torso. Below the image also in capital letters is the words "On Board". Either side of this is a medical cross symbol.

The alternate option is the sticker decal that says "Assistance Dog". This text is changed at the top of the decal. The rest of the sticker is the same.

    Colour: White
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