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Bowie's Spoonie Sticker

Bowie's Spoonie Sticker

Check out our custom made Spoonie Stickers, featuring the one and only Bowie. 


What better way to subtly come out as a Spoonie to friends and family with this cute sticker of Bowie, holding a spoon in his mouth!


Sticker Dimensions: 9 x 6cm


Accessibilty: Bowie is a blue merle border collie, with a range of white, grey and black on his fur. He has one blue eye and one brown eye. Near his ears he has small sections of sun bleached brown fur. Bowie is sitting in a "beg"/"sit pretty" position. He has both paws held up in front of him, with his right paw sitting slightly higher than his left. His ears are pricked. In his mouth he is holding a silver spoon by the middle of the handle, so that either end of the spoon is sticking out each side of his mouth. 

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