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1" Reflective Biothane Collar

1" Reflective Biothane Collar

Introducing Beta biothane reflective 


Reflective Beta is the same quality leather-look coating as standard biothane, but adds a reflective stripe. Edge Guard makes it nearly impossible to separate the reflective stripe from the Gold coating. These properties make it a great choice for hunting and sport dogs or anywhere that animals are out after dark.


Please note, the white reflective biothane option is made with 'reflective gold'.

The Gold coating has a shiny and smooth surface, It has a hi-gloss appearance and is hard but flexible.

All other colours are made with "reflective beta", which has the same appearance and texture of our standard biothane collars.


This collar has a 1" width (2.5cm).


Please note - stainless steel is the only hardware option that will not scratch or rust overtime.


1. Stainless steel. This material is completely rust, scratch and weather proof, made out of 100% stainless steel, perfect for everyday use. 


Note - Lobster clasps and quick release buckles in our stainless steel hardware option are made with nickel and chrome plated hardware. This hardware may oxidise over time.


2. Multichrome. Our multichrome hardware is made from steel, with a titan neo chrome finish. This adds a bit of colour and bling to your training tab and is Bowie's favourite style to rock. 


3. Black. Our Black hardware is made with steel and zinc die casting, with a matte black finish. It offers high ductility, high impact strength and good corrosion resistant properties.


4. Rose Gold. Our rose gold hardware is made with steel and zinc die casting. Has a mirror like finish. Over time, this can potentially become scratched with heavy use.





Bowie is quite a feral boy! All within a day he has gone from playing in the creek, to the sand, to the mud and the bush. His collars constantly needed washing and cleaning. But we came up with an idea! We proudly present our biothane range, which is build to last! These collars are waterproof, rust proof, and break proof. When making these collars, we put a lot of thought into the design and making a quality product that will last. That's why our biothane range is made with 100% stainless steel (316) hardware. Unlike other brands, our collars will not rust, stain or fade after use.


Our biothane collars are ideal for taking your pup to the beach, hiking, in creeks and on walkies during a rainy day. We use marine grade stainless steel, so there is no need to worry about your collar rusting over when exposed to the elements.


We hope you love our collars as much as we do.

  • Sizing

    Size Inches CM
    X-Small 10"-14" 25.4cm - 35.56cm
    Small 13"-17" 33.02cm - 43.18cm
    Medium 16"-20" 40.64cm - 50.8cm
    Large 19"-23" 48.26cm - 58.42cm
    X-Large 22"-26" 55.88cm - 66.04cm
  • Colour Availability

    In stock - White 1" reflective biothane 

    Order by request

    - Black 1" reflective biothane  

    - Red 1" reflective biothane  

    - Blue 1" reflective biothane  

    - Orange 1" reflective biothane  

    - Yellow 1" reflective biothane  

    - Pink 1" reflective biothane  

    - Green 1" reflective biothane

    For 1" reflective biothane collars, we will need to order in material for your order, as it is not a colour we keep in stock.

    Please allow up to an additional week for the material to arrive before we can make and send out your order.

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