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1.5" Biothane Prong Cover

1.5" Biothane Prong Cover

Introducing our brand new biothane prong collar covers

This prong cover is suitable for 3.00mm, 3.25mm and 4.0mm gauge prong collars


100% waterproof prong cover made from Beta 520 Super Heavy Biothane.

Beta is a soft coating that has the look and feel of leather. It has a low gloss or dull appearance. It is soft and very flexible. The leather embossing gives it the leather look. It will hold its flexibility in very cold weather.

This collar cover has a 1.5" width (3.81cm).


Our prong covers are made with velcro strips to fasten your prong collar to the cover.


We have 4 hardware options. 

Please note - stainless steel hardware is the only hardware option that will not scratch or rust overtime.

1. Stainless steel. This material is completely rust, scratch and weather proof, made out of 100% stainless steel, perfect for everyday use. 

Note - Lobster clasps and quick release buckles in our stainless steel hardware option are made with nickel and chrome plated hardware.

2. Multichrome. Our multichrome hardware is made from steel, with a titan neo chrome finish. This adds a bit of colour and bling to your training tab and is Bowie's favourite style to rock. However, over time, this can potentially become scratched with heavy use.

3. Black. Our Black hardware is made with steel and zinc die casting, with a matte black finish. It offers high ductility, high impact strength and good corrosion-resistant properties.

4. Rose Gold. Our rose gold hardware is made with steel and zinc die casting. Has a mirror like finish.


Our biothane collars are ideal for taking your pup to the beach, hiking, in creeks and on walkies during a rainy day. We use marine grade stainless steel, so there is no need to worry about your collar rusting over when exposed to the elements.


  • How to measure prong cover size

    Measure the length of your prong cover from the first prong to the 2nd last prong.

    It is important to leave 1 prong exposed when wearing a prong cover to allow you to take the prong collar on and off.

    Do not include the length of the martingale chain in your measurement, as this needs to be exposed.

  • How to customise your prong collar

    1. colour

    Choose the colour for your prong cover.

    2. Velco Colour

    Choose the colour of the velcro for your prong cover. This is used to attach the prong collar to the cover.

    Note - the rainbow option uses a combination of red, yellow, blue and green velcro

    3. Hardware

    Choose what rivets you would like for your prong cover

    Available in stainless steel, multichrome, black & rose gold

Velcro Colour
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